Veronica Aldous

'Brought up in  beautiful countryside , I only ever wanted to be a painter and poet from a  very young age. I found school got in the way of my small pagan antics and dreamtime.  So I painted and made things. I just  didn't see why I should ever stop. Now I encourage and support others to do the same. Painting, writing and the making of artefacts are a primary human medicine and should be taught at all levels.'

Veronica trained at  Braintree Polytechnic  in Essex and  Ravensbourne College of Art  in Bromley. She is a professional artist and lecturer in Fine Art and Creative Writing  in Surrey.

Finding the painting world bluntly macho she trained in film hand drawing in pen and ink, manipulating , bleaching and erasing, applying blood and paint to  Super 8 and 35mm film stock . Her films were shown screenings at the  London Film Makers' Co-op. At the same time she explored themes of love and body image, glamour and its magical and  toxic effect on Society particularly impacting on  the depiction of women .

 She made a personal study of Surrealism and  Freudian psychoanalytical theory, Samuel Beckett, Angela Carter, Peter Redgrove and Alfred Hitchcock. She was taught  at Ravensbourne by Annabel Nicolson and Roger Ackling.   

' In dreams and fairy stories women find solace in a place where sensitivity is deemed as strength.The normal archetypes can be distorted and the  stories  rewound, retold'

 After her degree Veronica trained as a specialist decorator and her murals remain in top London locations like the Inn on the Park Hotel and Maxwell's next to the Royal Opera House. This enabled her to study the use of traditional painting  materials and how they may be used which is one of her great interests. Veronica continued to study Life Drawing at Goldsmith's College and much later  printmaking at Morley College.

She has exhibited widely both in Surrey and in London and is a published illustrator of esoterica.

She is  also a published poet in Orbis, HQ  and other publications as well as writing critiques of contemporary artists and book reviews. 

Veronica also sews and stitches onto digital imagery and lace creating a tapestry of mystery, she makes silk dolls which defy convention and choose to be their own mistresses. 

' Poetry, painting, stitching, writing;  it's all the same to me, each mark is my mark, each word a prick against the kicks, a black feather tickling the viewer's mind.'

Veronica is a professional trained Tarot reader , loves Imagist poetry and magical realist literature. Her eclectic approach and savvy romanticism  encompasses an extensive  love of Symbolism, modern stitch artists, Scandinavian fairy illustration,Visionary Art, Expressionism, contemporary poets and film making. 

Veronica illustrated Barron's Book of Faeries and the Book of Dragons and Mythical Beasts.