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<p><strong><a href="">Black Stag at Midnight</a></strong></p>

Black Stag at Midnight

Posted 1 day ago

Black đź–¤

There is a long piece of light which the day has left uncheeed. It’s sliding down the frame of the door. Soon, twilight will come.

The black stag comes. He is heavier than silence. His blood is the dank dark of the forest ponds. His antlers are black and peeling. Raw fleshy tatters hang in violent ribbons, remains of bracken and sphagnum. He is decorated in the way of dog soldiers who believe…

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Posted 2 days ago
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Posted 3 days ago

Little rabbit girl

little rabbit girl.jpg

I have my head stuck in a bush, maybe my head is a bush already. It’s of full thorns and coiled up ferns. Maybe it’s like Christ only I am not very holy.
Oh birds!
Oh tendrils!

I am meant to be concentrating on making good or mortgages, or something.
But I keep thinking about ink and how nice it is to spit out words.

How nice it is under here, I can see poisonous berries and a wren.


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Posted 4 days ago
<p><strong><a href="">Glittering</a></strong></p>


Posted 1 week ago
<p><strong><a href="">Silken time. Veronica on Instagram.</a></strong></p>

Silken time. Veronica on Instagram.

Posted 1 week ago
<p><strong><a href="">Mortal 80 poems. Veronica Aldous. Lulu or Amazon.</a></strong></p>

Mortal 80 poems. Veronica Aldous. Lulu or Amazon.

Posted 1 week ago
<p>Wet rainy street. Watercolour. By Veronica Aldous. Love painting streets and figures.<br/>
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Wet rainy street. Watercolour. By Veronica Aldous. Love painting streets and figures.

Posted 1 week ago
<p>Grey Hare. Carbon and pen.<br/>
Veronica Aldous<br/>
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Grey Hare. Carbon and pen.
Veronica Aldous

Posted 1 week ago

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