Veronica Aldous

Poetry and Art by Veronica Aldous


trees monotype.jpg

It pierces the delirious ends of things
A vagrant nosing in a bin bag
The sun shaving the edges of the trees
Behind him, always behind –
So their angelic spines stand as liturgy

A rosary falls as the sparrows chip at the crumbs.

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017

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Posted 1 week ago

New book out; an anthology Indra's Net

New book out; an anthology Indra’s Net

Indra’s Net

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Alma’s Tricky Biscuits.


Lie down in your backyard; let Alma comfort you
With sore swigs of apple-nettle juice
The bandy-legged crows dance on the rusting
which  was once  a refrigerator
I can smell the poverty blowing up the high street
The ineffable litter of hoodwinked dealers
The morning window scrapers, the sweet angelic
blessed by a vagrant tiny tributary
and Ophelia’s weed-

I found some words on a…

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Posted 6 weeks ago



I misheard a word they used
It clung to me like stale smoke
‘Weary of  the sky and of love’
They bragged and boozed
In the small clean town
Below Zugspitze
Their black broth was the finest

Onn high days their white sleeves
Resembled the laminae of cream cheese pastries
Or schist from the lower slopes –
I can understand they did not like change
Because their feet were stubborn stumps
Stuck into …

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Posted 7 weeks ago



Artwork copyright Veronica Aldous

Woman with strange Implement- Handprint on linen with stitch collage


Hester trapped by the prevalent hegemony
Stitched an apron to her thighs, turned Lamia
The things that we do to escape the flies!

Ran a teashop full of homunculi
Boiled battered hedgerow flitted berries
Into a ripe rich bloody genius pie

Sewed and sewed until the shadows flew

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Posted 9 weeks ago

The Stupidity of Zig and Zog

The Stupidity of Zig and Zog

butterfly and doll

The Stupidity of Zig and Zog

The steps are strung with snares of spiders
Hitting me square in the gob as I charge
Into their razor wire
Warlords tremble with anger
As a giantess marmalizes the infantry
I shall dig a ditch in the mud
And live on flies sent by the Queen.

Veronica Aldous 2017

Doll attacked by giant Moth- Veronica Aldous

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Posted 10 weeks ago
<p><a href="">My Etsy Shop; Moon Cinema</a></p>

<p>My Etsy Shop Lots of paintings on here. I only have originals to sell from as little as £15.</p>

My Etsy Shop; Moon Cinema

My Etsy Shop Lots of paintings on here. I only have originals to sell from as little as £15.

Posted 11 weeks ago


Since it is all nails now

Hawks beaks and burrs

And you are dead as flint

Dead as a cracked bronze bell

At the bottom of the ocean

I have devised a system for limping

Arcane and powerful

The gait of an angel with his wings clipped

War may break out at any moment

How well you did to miss it! 

Under the drag of currents

Buried deep in Ys.

Veronica Aldous © 2017

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Posted 11 weeks ago

Mrs Magritte


Mrs Magritte

I speak inoffensive metaphors
Till my tongue aches and ossifies
I am allowed to ride side saddle
Though your panelled demesne
Wipe little ink spots from china
Look at pots of potatoes boiling
And gollygosh the price of them

I wanted a large-eyed needle to stitch
A government of allies
A thousand nights of righteous peace
Without any kind of interference
From clattering  astral…

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Posted 13 weeks ago

The shadows of plums

The shadows of plums


The shadows of plums

taste only of dust

my love-

have you forgotten how to eat?

for the people of North Korea

Veronica Aldous all rights reserved 2017

Artwork- original artwork of eco printed leaves and flowers with hand and machine broderie and plant dyed silks by Veronica. Also copyright 2017
I don’t mind you sharing but give me a credit x

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Posted 14 weeks ago