I believe some people are born painters and it is a necessity to them like eating and sleeping, I feel I may be one of that sort . I also believe art a subject that can be learned, but it must be practised very often, and even if it is innate, you must paint or make as often as possible or daily.
My work is full of colour and texture , It reveals powerful narratives based on mythology, modern concerns with identity and health, and folklore. I take inspiration the world around me, as people, animals, plants and trees. I am also inspired by old photographs which I have collected, with childhood and with memory.
I like to explore the idea that memory can be skewed or inaccurate which can lead me to create a surreal and otherworldly dialogue within my artwork.
My subjects include little creatures and fearful beasts, surreal forms and landscapes and gardens .
My figures and faces are internal portraits, tapping into a flow of energy that informs me to create.
I am also a maker. I am a proficient sewer both by hand and machine. I make creatures, dolls and embroidered lions.

I also make art books which create a kind of narrative or collection.

I work in with my handmade printed papers to create quirky narrative collage, in acrylics and in watercolour and pencil.

I hope that people will be intrigued and entertained by my work and they will think about it in terms of its meaning and effect.

Veronica Aldous 2021

 Foundation In Art Braintree College With Gerry Gardiner; Printmaking, Textiles, Silversmithing, Painting, Life Drawing

B.A ( Hons) Fine Art And Film Making Ravensbourne College 

John And The Objects, And Turning Heads Screened At The The Film Makers Co-Operative In Camden 

Member Of New Moon Studios Artists' Co-Op
Exhibited Woodlands Gallery, Blackheath

1984- 2005
 Decorative Artist And Mural Designer In London Including Commissioned  Framed Artworks

Certificate In Education, Croydon College 

Exhibitions At Ecology Centre, Carshalton, Surrey
2000-2002 Member Of Kairos Womens' Art Co Operative. Exhibition Merton Centre And Open Studios Events

Exhibition Coningsby Gallery London

 Illustration Commissions For Barron's Books, Mythological Subjects Working Closely With Art Directors And Authors

Collaborate With Local Artists And Organise Series Of Exhibitions And  Slam Poetry Events For Croydon. Poems Published In Orbis And Haiku Quarterly
2003-2005 Scholarly Articles For Urthona On The Printmaking Of Samuel Palmer And Interview And Article On  International Artist Susan Kapuscinski.
Exhibited With Society For Art Of The Imagination,  Highgate, London

2015-2018  Collaborates  With The Late Editor And Writer, Bart Wolffe, And Publishes Four Collections Of Poetry, Moon Cinema, Mortal, Maja And Dollish

2005 – Present 
Tutor And Lecturer In Fine Art 
Manages Etsy Shop ( Art, Jewellery, Textile Art) And Popular Poetry Blog.


© Veronica Aldous 2021