Using  pencil drawings to develop ideas-  pencil tutorial 1

Rabbit running by- Veronica Aldous

This pencil drawing shows how a pencil can be used almost like a paintbrush to render detail and texture in a painterly way. You can see how easily the drawing could be rendered in paint. There is enough detail and tonal values to be able to start to think about colour.
What sort of colour notes might I have made?
I could also have made a watercolour sketch, but it may be enough to describe colouration, such as the type of trees ( a birch with its white trunk and pale glaucous leaves, the bright lush green grass and so on.
We assume the rabbit is brown (as he certainly was).
In this drawing I used a variety of pencils on Seawhite paper.
I used a 6b solid graphite stick, a 4b and a putty rubber.
At the time I made this drawing I was very interested in the works of  Samuel Palmer ( the Oxford series). I  have been interested in Palmer for many years and wrote an article about his printmaking at this time.
 Could you make a drawing inspired by a favourite artist? Think of your favourite painting and imagine how you might render some of his or her style in your own work.
I don’t mean copying- but adapting. For instance, Degas did marvellous drawings of horses in motion. Have a look at them.
Can you see how the painting “False Start” may have originated?
The original sketch is just a few lines in blue chalk, but the artist spent many days sketching horses in movement so that he had a full understanding of anatomy, movement and speed. As he was doing this, his wonderful style was evolving.
Your own style will evolve the more you draw.

Veronica Aldous 2009