Two Boys watercolour  27 x 37 cms

Sea change

They behave differently in water;
as though bemused, they raise one hand
to squeeze out hair, shade eyes, a mudra
of acquiescence.
The liquid space they occupy
demands obedience, compliance to its soak
 turn gel spiked crops to sullen slimy slicks.
The young men have low slung trunks
brought lower by the slop of sea
incline their heads bowing to the element
they are serious, as if demoted, in despair.
The girls cope better, look upward at the sky and smile.
White seals, they sprawl and crawl and bounce
Their earrings glint and go green, until at last
they stand and chat half-submerged
fins and tails sprouting somewhere else
their upper halves, fit and shining and unaware.