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New painting of wave

March 16, 2018
I have a new watercolour paper sketchbook which is full of Saunders Waterford paper.I am enjoying the texture of the paper and the immediacy of picking up a book and painting. The books was made by a bookbinder on Etsy.
Here is the wave I painted. I tried to show the light coming through the water. I didn't use white paint or even masking fluid. I reserve the white paper and paint carefully around the foamy white sections...if I concentrate on the 'negative' space then the whites look after themselves.I have been using a small cellulose sponge both to dampen the paper and lift out colour to create the misty blurry parts. The painting is based on the sea in Dorset, where there is the hot sunny colour of the local stone that reflects through the water.
I cannot stretch the paper as it is in a book but it flattens out pretty well. I am using a new box of Sennelier paints, a pochade box which is made of walnut and contains colours with lovely French names like Belu Cendre which I used in the sky. It is a Caerulean blue. I also used a lot of a blue which is similar to French Ultramarine, and a Payne's Gray.
I was reminded of La Mer by Debussy when I was painting and that in French, Le Vague means The Wave. I like the vagueness of waves!


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