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August 5, 2019
I really titled this a bit of a joke, as there is no particular way to become an artist. I do not even know about the word 'professional' which smacks of pomp and circumstance. I think of myself as dedicated to art,  and almost as if I never chose this path but it was the obvious one for me.
I think now, a lot of folk are becoming more creative with social media and Instagram and Facebook supporting artistic posts of some incredible diversity, but the danger is using all you time up on promotion when you could be making, doing or thinking. 
I think that I love learning and I also love learning by practise. 
When I do not paint, I tend to write, my poetry helps  settle down my ideas into a recognisable pattern of my interests.
I am primarily a visual person, but music an words also make my heart come alive. I listen to music a lot, mainly Radio 3 which also introduces me to challenging composers and music I may not always choose to listen to. Music reaches into one's very core in an abstract way. I am not generally an abstract painter, but ideas and narratives will come to me.
I was listening to Debussy's Le Mer and the presenter also urged us to think of the inchoate space of music as perhaps a lunar or celestial sounding landscape. At first I thought of this as a huge jump and not what Debussy intended, but then I realised it i how the music moves you that is important.
I thought I would include a picture of mine of Eastbourne where Debussy composed La Mer in the suite at the Grand Hotel. Yes it's kind of abstract, and yes I really did sit on the seafront and paint it. I am visiting Eastbourne in a  few  days and I am so excited to be there again.

When I painted this I was interested in the little figure moving about so busily. I did not know whether it was a boy or a woman. The distance prevented me from knowing. The figure is repeated twice. 
After I realised the painting is about transition from one state to another and how nothing is static, certainly not the sea, and definitely not us. I am interested in the Buddhist concept of impermanence having known such huge changes and upheavals in my life.
The painting is on a roughish thick paper and created with very few strokes. I used no white and the white hat shape  is just the paper.I used no rubbery stop outs either, just reserved the paper in a very flowing way with big flat brushes.
Now it strikes me the figures are like two notes; a quaver and a semi quaver! I was definitely thinking of Debussy!
Have a happy day and try and do a sketch or two!



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